Diosa Force 2: Elemental Order
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Diosa Force 2: Elemental Order

The international version is still not officially released. However, if you pre-registered, you should have been granted the access to download it from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.auer.diosa.force.rpg&hl=en

The following information is from Google Play.

Is human’s 'emotion' given by god the cure or poison?

There're four elements-Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire in the world. One day, the weird things are happening in all element continents, including “Sky Island”, “Endless Abyss”, “Aqua World”, and “Land of Vulcan”. All the Elements are tainted by Darkness, and evils fluster to invade the Realms.

Three young adventurers from Alta Milan are teleported to Sky Island, house to the Elves and Dragon Rider. Join them in a wild adventure to meet new heroes, and to save the Realms from destruction!

Immersive Experience - Over 100 original heroes voiced by famous japans voice actors such as Kana Hanazawa, Ryota Osaka, and Akihisa Wakayama!

Dynamic Combo - Combine a variety of hero abilities to interrupt casting and to deal extreme damage!

Demon boss - Gather your heroes to challenge the most savage boss! Beat the boss with all players from cross server and get rewards!

Build Your Own Team - Pick from elf, dwarf, mermaid, hellhound, robot, and other unique heroes to create your dream team! All heroes can be fully upgraded, and each has his/ her/ its own ultimate ability that will turn the tide of combat!
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