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Defense Technica is a tower defense game from Com2Us which boasts excellent graphics and engaging gameplay. The game's story is set in the far, distant future where Earth is destroyed. Human technology has allowed them to move to a post-Earth settlement called Neo Earth and explore other planets. This made it possible to encounter two alien races, Cluff and Hergus and establish a close relationship with them. An alliance was forged for the three species to fight off a common enemy.

Years later, Hergus broke off from the alliance and attacked Neo-Earth. Overwhelmed by the Hergian might, help was requested from Cluff who gave no response. The relentless attacks forced the surviving humans to escape the planet under an operation called Noah.

Upon starting the game, players who want to have their names registered in the game need to connect to the internet and create an account in the Com2US hub. This website allows players to track the other games the developer has made. After the account creation, they can play the game without the need for internet connection. While connected to the internet, players should also expect some ads to appear.

In the main menu, players will see the options to start the game, manage cards (which also leads to the option to spend real money to buy Crystals, an in-game currency), an information button that allows players to access helpful information about the towers, enemies, story, etc. The option menu leads players to basic game and language settings, as well as the option to upload (save) or download (load) game data from the player's registered account in the Com2US hub.

The Manage Cards option in the main menu gives players access to purchase, equip, fuse and sell Cards. These cards give special effects to specific towers and abilities that will help players in battle. Players need Crystals to purchase cards, which costs depending on the level range of the cards they want to acquire. Also, they cannot purchase specific cards since these are drawn randomly. For example, a player can spend 400 crystals to get a card between LV3 to LV5. If they're lucky, they might even get cards with several stars. The star in the cards as well as their color indicate rarity. Crystals can be earned by completing missions. Bonus crystals are acquired for completing additional objectives.

The game has several stages. The first few ones are unlocked while the others need 10 crystals to be unlocked. Before starting each stage, you'll get a briefing screen where you'll see the available modes, the available towers for the mission, the number of waves and bonus objectives.

Your main objective in the game is eliminate all waves of invaders while preventing them from destroying the core. If the core's health is reduced the zero, the game will be over. However, you have the option revive the core by paying 10 crystals. Reviving your core this way will give all your towers a temporary power boost, which should be enough to give you a fighting chance to stand up again and fight. The core doesn't have any means top defend itself so unless you have a tower nearby, consider it vulnerable.

The maps only has designated spots where you can build your towers. You should take note however, that destroyed towers will take out their spots as well. This will prevent you from building another tower on that same spot again. Fortunately, enemies will prioritize getting past your defenses and attack your core. The only time they'll attack a tower is when you completely block their path. If you block one path but there are other available routes the enemies can take, they'll divert their movement and follow it instead. With this in mind, players can use this behavior to their advantage.

There are also at least two different entry points where the enemies will come from. Their projected path will be displayed by green arrows. The game has a feature called the Silver Eye system which displays the enemies' optimal path. Constructing towers along the route will make it easier for you to manipulate their movement. Use of this feature requires 20 crystals.

The game has a good variety of towers to cope with different enemy types. Enemies have properties like Bio, Mechanic, Light, Heavy, Air or Ground. They have multiple types at the same time and deploying the necessary towers to effectively deal with these different enemies is a must to ensure victory. The game also includes a Weather feature in the maps which will affect the power of certain towers. Towers can also be upgraded by spending resources. These are gained by defeating enemies. Enemies will also drop resource boxes that players need to tap to collect the amount of resources inside. Take note that these boxes disappear over time so you also need to zoom out of the map to find them. Missing these boxes won't harm your progress in the stage; you just won't be able to take advantage of additional funds to build new towers or upgrade them.

Later in the game, the player will gain access to Ether Skills. These skills allow the player to use powers or abilities that can help turn the tide of battle. The number of times you can use Ether skills depend on the Ether card equipped. It's possible to activate Ether skills consecutively in a short span of time or just use the same Ether skill after waiting for the cooldown to finish.

The game's graphics is excellent and rendered in beautiful 3D. The details for each map is superb, just enough to bring out the sci-fi ambience for each map. The effects are great as well. Details for each enemy and tower types are easily distinguishable. This is definitely one of the best-looking titles out there for this particular genre.

The background music and sounds are impressive and never boring. The sound effects are great, even when there's a lot of things going on in battle.

Overall, Defense Technica is a great tower defense title. It doesn't limit the players' progress by setting caps on what they can do and forcing them to spend real money to make their lives easier. Players who opted to have progress through hard work will get their time's worth. Spending money is an entirely optional part of the game.

The variety of enemies, towers, the weather effects, map layouts and the fixed spots where you can build your towers open different approaches and strategies in the game. Players will be immersed in trying out their own strategies and plans while considering a lot of different factors that may affect how their plans work out. Fans of the genre should definitely have this included in their game libraries and collections.

4.6 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Aug 2nd 2014

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