Deep Town: Mining Factory

Deep Town: Mining Factory

Rockbite Games
Version: 2.3.8 | Everyone

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Deep Town Mining factory is a high tech robotic building/grinding game from Rockbite Games with a good exploration element as well as idle progress.
Dig deep, collect the resources and expand your operations as you seek to explore your planet and discover story elements.

Hints and Tips for Deep Town Mining Factory

Collect resources
If you are starting out in Deep Town remember to keep collecting those resources. You need to collect from your mines regularly to maximize your returns.

Remember you can move Mines
As you dig deeper and reach new areas you will have opportunities to build more mines, but the costs for this can get expensive. You can though move your upgraded mines from higher locations down to the new ones to take advantage of better resource production. Remember though to check what resources you most need at the moment and keep mines in the right places to get those.

Change your Spells as needed
As you progress and battle bosses you will unlock more spells/functions for your mining operations as well as for battles. Each of these will have effects and strengths that will help in different situations. You can swap these around for free at any time so make sure to activate the best ones that you have available.

Upgrade the Spells
As well as swapping them around for the best effects you should also upgrade the spells to let you take on the boss battles. As you progress this will become harder and you will need to spend time collecting resources and crafting materials.

Don't sell everything
The resources that you collect from the mines can be sold for coins and doing this is necessary to earn the money for upgrades etc. But the resources are also needed to craft new items and make of the crafted items are worth more money once made. You will also have many quests come along that will require you to stock pile fixed amounts of resources. Completing these quests will get you useful rewards so make sure to check that you can complete any outstanding quests before selling off resources.

We hope this tips are useful for getting you started in Deep Town. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there or see if we already have the answer.
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