Daze - Free Puzzle Game

Daze - Free Puzzle Game

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You want to play a new type of puzzle games?! You are in right place. Daze is a a new type of puzzle games which involves your mind and also makes you to do physical actions and body movements !
In each step the player needs to find a solution by shaking his phone, physical displacement, rotation, and other movements ! In one level it is asked from player to put his/her nose on the device screen and watch the sky ! As the solution moves closer, the dominant color fills more space of the game until the player reaches the final solution. After that the next stage will appear with a beautiful, flowing animation to the left side of the slide and the next step appears with a new enigmatic design
In Daze you are encourage you to be creative and solve new types of puzzles. This free puzzle game is based on solving problem with physical movement. You start an adventure from first level and it is proceed to hundred different levels.
Depend on level in Daze Puzzle game, different types of real activities are needed. Turning, searching and walking are some type of them. If you underestimate the brilliant small riddles in Daze, it may make several hours or more to find the solution to finish just a level. If you are in hurry to finished this Physics Puzzles and want to haste, you can use hint which is available three minute after you start the level.

Game Levels
Daze is a free puzzle game for android that have many different styles of riddles, diverse kinds of sense of humor with new unique type of graphical design. It can be play in every places even gathering of friends and make players to standing, turning and even ask players to put their nose on device screen to proceed the game.

After taking some time playing Daze game, you will be appreciating to find that the most element in this game is humor. Daze Puzzle company gather all different features in smart mobile phone together (such as using different sensors, interactive gameplay, distinctive graphical design) for having some enjoyable time playing mobile game.

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