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Coin Master is a slots based game that has combined elements of strategy. The idea is that you work your way through various levels in the game by completing your bases, you do this by earning coins, usually via the slots system.

We take a look how to get the most slots pulls, and how to get free ones too.

Cheats and Tips

There are no cheat codes as such, and we would urge extreme caution if you decide to use one of the online hack sites that claim to offer free coins and spins. In fact we completely would never do this ourselves as we would be too worried about getting a virus or worse.

Anyway, there are some methods to get more Free Spins, and to make it so your max spins arrive at the time most convenient to you.

1) Log in with Facebook
Start the game as a guest, but later attach your Facebook account to the game for an extra 50 spins! If you don't mind the game knowing your details and connecting to your account, this is an easy way to get 50 Free Spins.

2) Invite Facebook Friends
Another way to get some more Free Spins is to invite some of your Facebook friends to the game - however it may be a little annoying for them if they have no interest in Coin Master

3) Watch ads
From time to time the game offers the opportunity to watch ads in exchange for Free Spins or free coins.

Time Your recharge

If there is a particular time of day that you always play the game you should also just collect your daily bonus at that time, this will maximise your spins.

Join a Facebook Group for Coin Master

There are other Coin Master players that have started some Facebook Groups to play Coin Master together, that was you can benefit from the gifting features between Facebook friends. Beware of any privacy issues, especially if you are a child.


Chest unlock at level 3. Once you are there you'll get more free daily rewards from the chests system. Try to get to level 3 as soon as you can.


The shields keep your village from being attacked. You can have three of these at any one time, and as time goes on, every tie you are attacked you will lose one shield until you have lost them all, at that point you are vulnerable to losing loads of coins through attacks.

If you want to avoid this, then you probably need to check in with the game throughout the game to try to spin to get more shields.


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