City Sniper Gangstar Shooter

City Sniper Gangstar Shooter

Dlux Gaming City
Version: 1.0 | Teen

City Sniper Gangstar Shooter is a striking action Fps sniper game! True 3D graphics and sound effects, allowing you to experience the real sniper experience. This sniper games 3d 2018 brings an exciting experience to complete the task. Keep your breath, lock the enemy, aim, shoot, kill the crazy enemies. In a limited time, the rational use of your limited ammunition, aimed at distant enemies, kill them.
Hide in some buildings and corners or behind some trees to not be found by these gangster. Shoot them in dark within limited time. Arm yourself with QBZ-95, AK-47, M16, FAMA Sand other deadly weapons, kill the gangsters across the globe. Buying time to kill more gangsters and keep the peace for the block.
In this City Sniper Gangstar Shooter challenging sniper games 2018 Shooter Crime, we put some new features such as the laser shooting games with gun, zoom in and identify terrorists and realistic weather condition add the new challenges to complete missions. Fight crime and protect civilian population! Good luck!
Once you start shooting games 2018, the enemy will know your presence, search for you everywhere, Attack you. No way to turn back, so you have to be very careful, fast, accurate, ruthless shooting. Make sure you keep your attention. Stick to the end, complete the task!
Shooting games with guns and people is a first-person 3D shooter game. You will play as a sniper, strike terrorists. Your task is to fight against terrorists bases and destroy City terrorist remnants, to effectively combat terrorist activities.
You’re brave sniper performing missions in different areas locations around the city facing real enemies. Shoot and destroy the terrorist on your assault rifles. Eliminate terrorists, criminals, and dangerous rivals. Aim carefully and shoot your targets from different place. The commando mission game is so exciting and thrilling to play.
On this commando shooting games have multiple grand city levels. On each level have different terrorist walk on the different color of clothes on the city. Your mission is to focus the gun scope and read the challenge mission to shoot the enemy. Complete all the missions and become a best city combat sniper.

Simple operation of this City Sniper Gangstar Shooter game: Slide the left of the screen to control character movement, slide to the right of the screen you can adjust the target. You can use the sniper rifle zoom lens, adjust the amplification factor by the right side of the slider.
Realistic gaming sound effects, so you have a more perfect more realistic sniper experience. You will be a true sniper it’s free games to play!

City Sniper Gangstar Shooter Features:
offline shooting games
Realistic 3D city Environment
Very smooth control of sniper guns
Improve your skills and accomplish critical levels
Optimize for all android devices
offline games
Addicting FPS game-play
lethal sniper guns
Multiple thrilling missions for your enjoyment
Shooting games for kids
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