Chord Bandit Banjo Game

Chord Bandit Banjo Game

Blue Turtle Art
Version: 1.0 | Everyone

Play a banjo made of spiders! You’re locked up in a tiny jail cell somewhere on the American frontier. Time passes, seasons change, and there you sit. Your imagination takes over. Spiders and their eggs become a 12-fret banjo neck. By the time Spring rolls around again, reality breaks down completely and you're tested on all that remains of your mind. But at least now you can play the banjo.

• A game for banjo players and non-players alike.
• Learn major and minor chord patterns up to the 12th fret.
• Toggle major and minor pentatonic scale patterns as you experiment in Freeplay mode.
• Unique music matching the key you’re in at each chord level.
• Fun, engaging graphics for each level
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