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Chimeraland is an open world sandbox RPG game available on mobile and PC. Developed by Level Infinite it gives you the opportunity to explore a vast world as you wish, hunt, build a home, capture animals as pets and work with others.

The game has many options and opportunities and a great deal to discover. To help you out we have selected our top tips to get started and progress in Chimeraland.

Hints and Tips

Your character
You can choose and customize your character from 18 races and and a range of sizes, ages and other options. What you choose has little impact on your physical abilities so you can be free to make yourself look however you wish in the game. If you choose to compete in PvP activities though you may find that being smaller makes you harder to hit.

You have 3 options for the faction that you choose at the start. This doesn't matter in general but if you plan to play with friends then you will want to choose the same as them.

As for your exact birthplace, it is better to avoid starting in one of the extreme areas such as desert or snowy mountain as it will make your initial start and exploration of the world more difficult.

Your home it the most important place for you as it allows you to rest, forge, craft and more. The game will walk you through creating a home. You can place it and move it in any location you want but to start you should look for green lands with suitable temperatures to make survival easier. Also be wary of aggressive animals (red eyes) close by.

You will have a mission list to follow which will help you learn how to build your home as well as gather materials, cook, and more. Completing quests will let you earn building points to upgrade your home.

Remember to set up drawers to help you store items so that you don't get overloaded carrying your items and materials as this can slow your movement speed.

Check the map in the top left corner to help with your exploring. Look for Pillars and whenever possible activate these to unlock more areas of the map and give you fast travel options.

The map has filter options to let you select and location any particular items you are looking for.

As you progress you will obtain a horse and other mounts. Get used to summoning these to make your travel easier. Use the Whistle icon in the top right to let you summon pets and attendants.

Cloud Drune

At the start of the game you will be be able to start on gaining your Cloud Drune (floating whale)
You will get a Hatcher together with a whale egg. Place the Hatcher at your home . You will then need to get a Darkfrost Pill from the day 2 login gift. And then find an NPC called Hodei, who an be found in any humanoid tribes. Follow the guide that you can find in the main menu > Guide > Companion to learn more about evolving this pet.

We hope these tips help you get started in Chimeraland. It is a hugely rewarding game to play and explore. If you have any further questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.
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