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Game Modes

Game Modes
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Game Modes
Candy Crush Saga has two game modes -- the Regular Mode which is what players immediately have access to, and the Dream Mode which is unlocked when level 50 for Regular Mode is cleared. Both modes alternate between four objectives:

Game Modes
  • Remove all the clear jelly surrounding some of the candies on the screen.
  • Bring all the ingredients down into the pit at the bottom of the screen.
  • Score the required amount of points within the indicated time limt.
  • Score the required amount of points within the indicated amount of moves.

  • Game Modes
    In addition to the above objectives, players must also reach the minimum points requirement (equivalent to one star) in order to successfully complete a level. When an episode is completed (typically after five levels), the game will offer three options for players to unlock the next level: Connect with 3 friends on Facebook; purchase an instant pass from AppStore; or play through three quests for keys. The quests will usually be levels that you have completed previously.

    Game Modes
    In Dream Mode however, you must also pay attention to Odus and make sure he doesn't fall off his perch as you work to the goal. The level is lost if Odus falls.

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