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Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a new gacha RPG from Mars Game. The game features over 200 heroes that you can use to build up a team to defeat the monsters in a range of game modes and difficulties.

The game starts you off in a PvE combat campaign though a series of chapters. There are 12 chapters which can be completed at normal, hard and hell mode levels of difficulty. You will then unlock more modes to play such as the arena and catacombs. All of these will let you earn Exp for your heroes, useful items and most importantly the summon scrolls to let you get more heroes.

Hints & Tips for Calibria

Starting out
Work your way thought hr chapters to let you get the rewards and earn scrolls. This will get you heroes to use and also to sacrifice to enhance the better heroes that you want to use.
Upgrade the heroes skills and levels. Then Ascend them when they reach the max level. Strong heroes are the key to victory.
Gain and equip runes from playing the catacomb modes.

Your Team
Pick a good leader. 3 star+ heroes have a leader skill that will improve your whole team so using the right hero as the leader will bring advantages.

Te rest of the team should be a good mix of hero types. Using a healer to maintain your teams health is recommended. Then 1 or 2 DEF type heroes to take the brunt of the enemy attacks. The remaining 2-3 heroes should be your strongest ATK class heroes

Faction Buffs
There are 5 factions in Calibria that your heroes will be a part of and your enemies will too. Each faction has advantages and disadvantages over each other in combat. You can check your enemy when you prepare to battle and arrange your team to give you the best advantage.

When you are battling you will see an arrow above the enemies heads that will tell you if you have the advantage over them or not (green is good, yellow is neutral and red is bad).

Evil > Chaotic
Chaotic > Lawful
Lawful > Evil
Light = Dark

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