Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

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Review by GuestJan 5th 2021
I enjoy playing the game until it glitches or I get obviously cheated. All in fun This the only game I play have been playing Bubble witch.
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Review by GuestNov 29th 2020
I like to play, but not when the game stalls and I’ve just purchased more options.
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Review by GuestSep 27th 2020
Like the game but it gets so frustrating.
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Review by GuestJan 13th 2020
I love BubbleWitch3 cause it is challenging and competitive. I look forward to playing each game.
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Review by AnswereMeThisApr 16th 2019
BWS3 is a good, but not so good, game to play. It is fun, when things are going good and you are collecting or being given boosters. But, it is frustrating, when you are trying to get high scores (to get your 3 stars, on the first attempt, while you have the 5+ fire charms & aid of starcat) and screw up. The angles can get pretty tight and sometimes the aim is unstable, so you have to be slow and patient, waiting for the shot to stabalize, before releasing your bubble. The screen can be really sensitive, so it is not a good idea to hoover your finger over the screen, while deciding on what shot to make. If you screw up a shot, you bubble hitting score goes back down to 10/bubble.....that sucks!
The Morgana levels do not show you what your score is, so you cannot use your score in helping to determine whether or not to use boosters, to win the game....or, to let the game go (fail) and try again. I end up trying to save my good boosters (magic spells) and use my yellow starcat (the one that gives bonus score) when attempting to defeat Morgana at the end of a Chapter.
If you are just playi g for fun, it is an okay game to play. But, if you are setting goals for yourself, it can get to be very expensive. I have heard of people spending thousands of dollars on playing this game!
One other thing....if you do not sign in to BWS3 for 6 months, you loose your account....and, ALL of your game play!
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Review by GuestMay 13th 2018
Awesome but you shouldn't have to pay for gold bars you have earned. Greed is bad.
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