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Bloons TD 5

Monkeys vs Balloons

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense title by Ninja Kiwi which features monkeys (yes seriously) as your “towers” and a variety of assaulting balloons as the enemies. As silly as it sounds, BTD5 is actually an addicting and engaging game that will surely deliver hours and hours of fun.

The game's mechanics and layout is simple. There's a pre-determined path that the balloons will take and there are no fixed positions for your towers. You're free where you want to place them and you even have water-borne units that can help with your defenses. You can earn cash by popping wave after wave of balloons. These have different properties and sometimes, multi-layered making them harder to pop. You have a set number of lives which will be affected by the difficulty you're playing in, which you have to preserve by preventing any balloons from exiting the track.

What's interesting is the game's variety of monkeys and towers. You'll start off with a handful of basic units and early upgrades. As you keep popping Bloons and completing missions, you'll earn XP that will increase your rank. Increasing your rank unlocks more units and more upgrades. Once unlocked, the units and upgrades are already unlocked permanently. Each tower has two upgrade paths (or tech/skill tree of some sort) which will improve the unit's popping power, range, or even add special abilities. You're not actually required to use all of them at once. It's possible to just stick with a select units that will fit your strategy and approach.

Additionally, there are also special agents that will help you in a single mission. These units are “hired” by spending cash and will remain in your deployment tab until you use them.

The variety of balloons pose much needed challenge as well. From the standard colored and multi-layered balloons, you'll also have to be careful with Camo balloons which is invisible from the sight of normal towers and will require a Ninja Monkey deployed to attack it. However, normal towers can get upgrades that will allow them to attack these special balloons so you don't have to spread dedicated towers just to watch out for them. You'll also have to deal with airships that serves as the transport for the balloons, and even a larger airship that carry several airships inside it.

Outside the missions, you can further enhance your units by spending coins in the Monkey Lab to purchase permanent upgrades that will apply to all your towers or spend cash in Specialist Buildings which will enhance the stats of specific towers but will increase the cost and upgrade cost of another tower. Managing both of these features will help out a long way.

The game also has daily rewards that will give you cash as you log in consecutively daily. There are also different game modes like co-op, daily challenges, Odysseys, Special Missions, and random missions which can test your mettle against different scenarios and restrictions.

The game's vibrant and fun cartoony visuals fits the silly theme perfectly, and the audio that goes with it is good enough to keep the game interesting and appealing. The difficulty curve is quite mellow but that doesn't mean you can stomp on the higher difficulty modes with ease.

As a paid title ($2.99), BTD5 delivers a chuck-full of content and of course, the absence of annoying ads and pay-to-win schemes. The game has microtransactions but these are entirely optional. You can earn the cash needed and unlock upgrades if you prefer to just play the game as its meant to be. There are also daily challenges, a bunch of maps, random missions, a huge array of monkeys (towers) – each with two upgrade paths that will help immensely in your game. There's also no need of constant internet connectivity unless you want to use the Social features of the game or processing micro-transactions.

Overall, the game is quite impressive and meets the expectations. The price of this mobile game is fully justified by its features and fun factor. If you're a fan of tower defense titles, you should give this a try.

4.5 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Aug 14th 2015

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