Bike Race Free - Top Free Game

Bike Race Free - Top Free Game

Tips and Hints
Bike Race Free - Top Free Game Guide

Tips and Hints

Perform base on the Given Track

Although the goal is to reach the finish line at the shortest amount of time possible, holding the accelerate wont do you any good at any given stage. Instead, memorize the track, try to manipulate the launches, angle of dive, and time you brakes perfectly in order to perform better overall in that stage.

Trick of the Track

In some stages (most often than not), parts of the track are completely avoidable using a skillful plan of launching thru given ramps on that stage itself. Perfect timing of brakes, analysis of the track and a whole bunch of patience is needed to successfully perform this strategy and be amazed how you could chop off a hefty amount of the overall time.

Earn the Girl Bike

The Girl Bike performs considerably good in most of the stages in the game. Try to unlock the bike as early as possible and employ it for a seamless transition throughout the game stages.

Additional Infos for Unlocking Bikes In-Game:

Acrobatic Bike:
Race 100% wheelie and get 3 stars; do 2 front flips and get 3 stars; do 4 black flips and get 3 stars.

Bronze Bike:
Collect 24 stars in the Desert, Arctic, Dunes; win 3 consecutive races.

Ghost Bike:
Play with 20 Facebook friends.

Girl Bike:
Collect 12 stars; do a backflip and get 3 stars.

Gold Bike:
Earn 24 stars each in Desert 2 and Arctic 2; win 12 consecutive races; win 5,000 games in Multiplayer; defeat a Silver Bike in Multiplayer.

High Tech Bike:
Create a game with a Facebook friend, with a random user, via SMS, and via email.

Hog Bike:
Beat a Police Bike, a Ninja Bike, a Ghost Bike, and a Super Bike in Multiplayer.

Ninja Bike:
Win 250 Multiplayer games.

Police Bike:
Play with 5 Facebook friends.

Retro Bike:
Win 5 games on Multiplayer; Like the Bike Race page; Like the Top Free Games page.

Silver Bike:
Collect 24 stars each on Hills, Beach, and Savana; win 7 consecutive races; defeat a Bronze Bike in Multiplayer.

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