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Battle Legion is a mass battle multiplayer spectator game with deep strategy elements and AI controlled troops fighting for you.

Build your dream army from dozens of versatile fighters, and find the victorious army composition that brings other players to their knees!

Currently, in early access, the game already has over 100,000 in the Play Store (as of Feb 2020) and is constantly being worked on by the game developers.

We've put together a few Battle Legion tips which are below which hopefully will help out any beginners to the game.

Battle Legion Tips

On the face of it, Battle Legion seems like a fairly easy game, you place your armies not he battlefield, collect more troops, and upgrade them. But which troops you deploy and where exactly you put them requires a bit of thought.

While there is no 100% win strategy to deploy troops in Battle Legion, we would like to make a few suggestions based on our experience on what we think are the best setups for your troop deployment.

These tips are suitable for level 1 and 2 players of Battle Legion.

1. Troop Deployment
There seem to be two main tactics for troop deployment, huddle together, or spread out. I much prefer the spread out option, with sets of archers spaced out at the back and the hard hitters up the front. However, I do also like to retain one damage dealing melee unit at the back to prevent the rogues that slip in behind your lines and kill all of your archers.

It also holds back a couple of very strong melee units that may other wise get caught out early by a catapult or some other high damage unit.

My current troop deployment is as follows: (except for the two guys protecting the archers at the back, which were added when I reached level 2), this set up got me easily through level 1 with only a couple of losses.

Battle Legion Beginner Setup
Battle Legion Beginner Setup

2. Join a Clan
Find a decent clan as soon as you are able to as you'll benefit from extra rewards in the game.

3. Upgrade Units
Focus on the units you want to use and upgrade those primarily. Get a feel for which units work well together. For example you would not want a team made up entirely on the same unit, you need some diversity as different units can complement each other. For example melee units in front of archers usually works well... Not the other way around!

If you need any specific help with Battle Legion, then please check our Battle Legion Answers page.

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