Basics In School - Education And Learning

Basics In School - Education And Learning

Version: 4.0 and up

Basic concepts in education and learning and fun. Baldi is a bald and very scary teacher. Your task is to find all the notes, solve complex questions differently, with the basics of bad school.
With basic concepts about education, school and classroom. You find the basics and solve and try to escape. And behind you are the scary characters who pursue you. The basic information is that this game is very scary, it is not for children to play. In this game you have to stay away from the scary characters badis and other scary characters in BALDI school.
You have to learn, the basic things in education and learning of this scary game. The questions are scattered throughout the class, you have to run around the classroom to solve basic math problems. And you can live in a day, 5 days or 10 days.
Education and learning are not easy. You try to understand the basics recorded in the notebook and solve the basics in the scary game baldis.
Behind the scary character of Baldi and the scary characters are chasing you, you are limited in time. In school 5 days is very scary for freddy.Baldis is a bald head teacher, and looks scary.
Education & Learning Basic Baldi is a bald head teacher, basically he looks very scary, and is trying to chase you.
* How to play Basics In School Education and Learning scary game:
- Learn the basic concepts of Baldis and solve basic concepts
- You are waiting for the difficult and fundamental questions in education and learning
- The game is very scary, the basic questions in the notebook
- Being out of school is a fundamental and important task
You need to collect notebooks, laptops and solve the basics in Baldi school
The wrong question will be very difficult, no time. Baldis teachers will find you
To survive over 5 nights without freddy, you need to know all the basics of Baldis at school.
Enjoy Basics In School Education And Learning
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