Basics In Education And Learning

Basics In Education And Learning

Version: 4.0 and up

Baldis is a bald teacher, basically, you have to find all the notebook and solve on each of them 3 different complexity tasks with basics of Baldis.
With basics in education and learning, you are waiting for more horror characters. Basics, basic informations of this type of horror games are very scary.
Scary games are not for children, in this scary game, you have to stay away from Badis and some other horror characters who live in Baldis's school. They will be even slightly more frightening and scary than freddy.
Learn basics in the field of Education And Learning in this scary game, in which you have to run around the rooms in the school of horror. How long can you live, a day, two or five nights?
Education and learning cannot be given easily. Try to solve the scray problems in the notebook, scattered in the offices of the school of horror, learn the basics in education.
Baldi is chasing you, you have a limited amount of time, you will know that the horror and five nights with freddy are so scary. Baldi's basically perfect, with bald head, he looks scary.
How to play this scary games:
- Learn basics of Baldis and go through all his tests.
- You are waiting for several levels of difficulty and basic level in education and learning.
- Scary games: You have to go through a real horror, but without freddy.
- Solve BALDI's problems in the notebook.
- Find a way out of the school of horror, basics are very important.
- Horror games: Live longer than five nights.
You need to collect all the notebook, solve the basic problems correctly and run away from school of horror.
For every wrong answer, Baldis can arrange a horror for you, if he finds you then there will be no turning back.
To survive more than 5 nights without freddy, you need to know all the basics of Baldis in school.
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