Steph, also known as 'private' is another incredible writer that has been working on AppGamer for years, she provides fantasic guides on a wide array on games.

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Tax Man's Office
Frontier Justice
Tax Man’s Office The Tax Man’s Office is probably one of the most valuable structures you have ..
Why Can't I Enter the Eye of Eden?
Sky: Children of the Light
If you've recently finished all the 6 chapters of the game and found all the different ancestor ..
Train Station 2 Buildings and Facilities
Train Station 2: Rail Tycoon & Strategy Simulator
Train Station 2: Railway Tycoon & Strategy Simulator wouldn’t be a complete “tycoon-game” ..
Free Gems in Towerlands?
Free gems are veeeeeeeeeeeery hard to get a hold of in this game. You only get them whenever you ..
How to Earn Free Gold in Days of Empire?
Days of Empire
1. Complete important quests or events that offer Gold as one of the rewards. Among the most basic ..
What are Achievements and Heroic Deeds in Emergency HQ?
EMERGENCY HQ - free rescue strategy game
Rescuing cities and a ton of people requires a lot of work. And sometimes, it’s a challenge to ..
Free Gems in Idle Supermarket Tycoon
Idle Supermarket Tycoon
Gems are rather important resources in the game that you might want to get your hands on. Gems are ..
Where can you get Research Points in Idle Miner Tycoon?
Idle Miner Tycoon
The game may have hinted that you have this sort of skill tree that can lend you some really neat ..
Tips and Hints
Swamp Attack
1. Upgrade before Buying clips Although far more expensive, it is wiser to save up coins for gun ..
Tips and Hints
Tap Titans
1. You can use multiple fingers If you find yourself having difficulty with using just one finger, ..
Tips and Hints
Dungeon Quest
1. Read the Codex In the codex, there is a dictionary of the terms RPGs use. By reading them, you ..
Tips and Hints
Demon Hunter
1. Completing a combo isn't always a good thing Doing the normal combo (pressing the normal attack ..
Tips and Hints
Royal Revolt 2
1. Easy Progress Instead of taking on battles generated by the system, try participating in leader ..
Tips and Hints
Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim
1. Plan your layout carefully You should plan your layout in a way that the decorations you put ..
Tekken Card Tournament
Tekken: Card tournament (Namco Bandai) somehow managed to pull off a game that closely resembles ..
Tips and Hints
1. Don’t get surrounded As mentioned before, it is difficult to maneuver in combat and the ..
Tips and Hints
Iron Knights
1. Farm Gems Every party member reaching level 30 will fetch you a handsome reward of 10 gems. And ..
Tips and Hints
Evoker: Magic Card Game (TCG)
1. Focus on Five Five cards will take on the role of being your frontliners in battle. Make sure ..
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