Arrow Matrix: Shoot the Circle

Arrow Matrix: Shoot the Circle

Version: 1.0 | Everyone

Arrow Matrix is a quick reaction and fast paced tapping strategy game fun for everyone. Shoot precise arrows at the spinning circle wheel, but don't touch the other arrows. Time your shots and use strategy to improve your accuracy. Curve to hit the bullseye on the matrix as it rotates. The more arrows you shoot, the harder it is to be precise and hit the center of the barrier. Can you conquer this impossible rotating wheel? What level can you get to in the matrix? Download right now and curvulate the wheel to find out.
How to play
> Tap to shoot arrows at the spinning wheel
> Curve to hit the barrier target without touching other arrows
> Each level requires a precise amount of arrows to hit the barrier to complete
> Different levels spin, rotate, and curvulate in different directions and at different speeds. Some even have zero gravity.
- Quick reflex and fast paced tap style gameplay
- Over 145 levels in the matrix with more added weekly
- The best spinning circle shot game on Android
- Funky fun soundtrack to jam to while you play
- Quick to learn yet hard to conquer
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