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Archery Go Hints And Tips

If you are new to archery games then start out in the Classic Mode to take on basic target challenges and get used to the game. In these levels you just need to reach a certain score with a limited amount of arrows. To get all three stars this will usually mean shooting all perfect shots, but you are not timed on these levels so you can practice, improve and earn some coins.

Once you have gotten the hang of the game you can move on to Adventure Mode. You will be presented with more difficult tasks, such as moving targets and hostage situations where you need to shoot fake terrorists while avoiding fake hostages. These levels are more challenging, but offer more coins as a reward.

You can also play in the multiplayer modes. These modes have you shoot and try to score more points against an online opponent. To do well you will need to be confident aiming so practice and you can earn good rewards here.

The control scheme in Archery Go can be hard to get used to. You will be dragging your finger around the screen to adjust your aim. It is advisable to use small gentle movements. Fine-tune your aim carefully. Unless you have a timer on the level you can take all the time you nee to be confident in your aim.

Your aiming starts from the point where you tap and hold the screen, you can then drag around to adjust the aim. If you find while aiming that you will not have enough space to adjust correctly you can cancel your shot by dragging your finger up to the top left corner of the screen. This will reset your shot so you can aim again without wasting an arrow.

On every turn make sure to check the wind condition. The wind speed and direction changes every turn and the changes are random. keep this in mind on every shot to avoid mistakes.

Upgrades are available in the shop to buy with the coins earned while playing. Your equipment is comprised of three parts which can each be upgraded.
The Bow which determines shot power and draw speed.
The Arrows which determine wind resistance
The Sight which determines zoom distance.

Upgrades can be expensive though, but you should notice that you get some free parts in the daily rewards. On day 2 you get a new bow, on day 3 new arrows, and finally day 5 you get a new sight.

We hope these tips help with playing Archery Go. If you have any question please check the Answers Page to ask it there.

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