Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games

Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games

Raffaele D'Amato

Arcadia is a collection of arcade games for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.
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List of currently available games:

• BadaBoom
Prevent bombs from falling on the floor by collecting them

• Indiana GP
Challenge your rivals in this crazy race

• Fruity Snake
Collect as many fruits as you can

• Treasure Map
Recompose the map to reach the treasure

• The Claw
Grab as many treasures as possible with the claw

• Replay
Press the colored pads in the correct order

• Galaxy Invaders
Destroy all enemy spaceships

• Crazy Balloon
Collect gems and avoid obstacles

• BrickOut
Destroy all the bricks with the ball

• Bounce
Like Pong but in Circle. Keep the ball in stage

• Sewer Rat
Avoid obstacles while swimming in the sewer

• PongPong
Beat your opponent in ping-pong

Arcadia supports both Game Center (Leaderboards) and iCloud.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for next games!
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