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PAPOO is the specialist in playful and educational games for young children.

With experts in early childhood development, PAPOO designs high-quality applications that guarantee:
• Educational content designed for children at specific ages of development
• An appropriate exposure time for children, thanks to a built in timer
• A safe digital environment without advertising or in-app purchases

"Animals" is an interactive picture game specially designed for children aged 1-3 years.

Through 150 beautiful images and sounds, chosen with great care, "Animals" introduces your child to discover our world in a fun and interactive game. The illustrations, both realistic and beautiful, are professionally illustrated to allow your child to safely navigate and explore the game.

When your child touches the screen, he will get to experience 5 different worlds.

Each drawing in "Animals" is associated with multiple images and sounds, bringing our real world to life.

After 8 minutes, when the 4 rounds in the top left corner are empty, it's time for a break. The app goes quietly to sleep accompanied by our sweet ending music, inviting your child to stop looking at the screen.

PAPOO, beautiful things to grow up better !

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