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Tips and Hints
Animal Escape Free - Fun Games Guide

Tips and Hints


Check your landing - After picking up the rocket that will propel you in the air, make a quick analysis of where you will be landing. As time is an essential matter here, landing on some corn, or even another power-up item, would be ideal--of course, the opposite can be said if you end up landing and crashing onto one of those annoying obstructions.

Combine power-ups for a faster finish - Again, strategizing is key so think and act fast when picking up or using up some power up items. Let’s say, you may combine the effects of using the rocket and then descend upon some corn for that vital speed boost.

Make use of quick boosts - You do not have to wait to fill-up the entire boost bar to get up to speed. Again, strategy is key so you may tap for a quick boost after hitting an obstacle to make a fast recovery instead of waiting for your animal to regain its normal speed.

Go offline to avoid ads - Just the same with most games, especially those that are free, advertisements can be troublesome. With this game, I found the ads quite plenty and there have been a few times wherein I mistakenly tap on some ads. To avoid this, going offline would be best--unless of course, you would constantly be purchasing IAPs throughout the game.

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