AMG Car Simulator

AMG Car Simulator

Vahagn Sargsyan

Enjoy AMG car simulator, drive cars in different environments, speed driving on the road and offroad adventures.

Explore huge world of driving a car or just get out of the car and walk through them.

There are 11 characters: you are free to choose the driver you like! One of them will become the best hero driver for your AMG cars.

Driver can move in garage, change and select cars, customize them, paint them. You can walk in different environments getting out from the car and then sit again to enjoy driving!

You can drive car in different environments:
- Mountain Road
- Race Track
- Docks

Select one of the cars from this amazing collection:
- G63
- S63 coupe
- CLS53
- Gle
- W222 (S 600)
- CLS500

This game brings realistic and detailed graphics, you will get Mercedes cars with amazing look. But what is the most important, you can customize your car design and technical part by your needs. Here is the complete list of customization features:
- Car body colors
- Wheel colors
- Glass colors
- Suspension
- Car height
- Wheel sizes and angles
- Engine
- Brakes
- Tyres
- Controls
- Assisting systems

Good luck driver! Select your character and drive these amazing cars!
Feel the real car driving simulation!
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