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Albion Online has been released on Mobile platforms now and with it you can cross play with the huge number of world wide Albion Online gamers already in the game. If you are new to Albion Online the we have some top tips to get you started.

Hints and Tips for Albion Online Mobile

Character Builds

Albion online is an MMORPG where you can explore, gather, craft and fight your way through a huge sandbox world of opportunities and foes. with Solo and group activities to enjoy. As you progress you will craft or buy weapons and armor items that will define your character. The game calls this, "you are what you wear". Each piece will give you abilities and bonuses to use.

There are different builds that can be recommended for trying to be the strongest or excel in different areas but to begin with the most important concern is to find and level up items that work for you. Your own play style and the activities you want to do will be affected by the items which means that following meta builds of others may not actually let you do what you want and can reduce your enjoyment of the game. Try out items and check through the Destiny boards for items that you want to work towards.


As mentioned above there are no standard classes in Albion Online and you are what you wear. You can build your character towards DPS, tank or even a healer, but you do not need to focus so narrowly. This gives many opportunities in combat but you will need to try out items and see what works well together. Looking for a mixture of damage and survivability will be your key when starting out.

It is also a good idea to stick to the lower tier zones when you begin your character. Avoid heading out to the higher tier (over 4) zones for the first week or two to let you level your gear and try out your combat styles.


The premium benefit that is available in the game will give you a very good range of benefits. It can greatly increase how quickly you can level up gear, farm, and progress in the game. As a new payer you can earn some premium time by completing tutorial quests and you can them purchase a subscription to extend this.

But you can also gain premium even as an F2P player as it can be bought with gold or silver. This will take you longer to acquire but if you are free to play it is well worth the grind to get there.

Guilds and Alliances

It is important and useful to join a guild in the game, but you need to check out the guilds available and find out what the aims and activities of the guild are. Simply joining a big guild as a new player may not help you progress. Some guilds will only be looking for new players to join them to up their numbers and may not give you any benefits and drag you into activities that you prefer to avoid.

It is worth looking around for one that will help you and allows you to play in your own way so that you don't get frustrated. Guilds aimed at newer players my not be strong but you can all take part in similar level activities and help each other.

Pay attention to the guild tax rate. A good friendly guild will have 0 or low tax (5-15%) but some will look to farm from you and may place 50-100% tax)


Your movement controls can be changed in settings. There are 2 control options available. The default on mobile is the 'Virtual Controller' D-pad style to direct your character and there is also the option to tap to move. If you are a new mobile player you may prefer the first but if you are moving over from PC you may want to change to the second as it is more like the original control. This tap to move option also allows you play in a more casual away with your device laying down so try them both out and see what one you prefer.

To access the settings, tap the scroll icon in the top right and then scroll down to the settings option.

Screen Size

While this game can be played on most mobile devices some of the text, buttons and controls in the game can be very small on phone sized screens. If you are playing this game then it is recommended to use something with at least a 7" screen size to make viewing it much easier. If you can't to this then you can consider also downloading the PC client to a computer to also access your account to use for managing your game, checking items stats, crafting etc.

We hope these tips help you get started out in Albion Online and enjoy your time in the game. If you have any questions about playing please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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