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Sonic Dash

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Version: 1.11.1 | 4+

Sonic Endless Runner

AppGamer Review for Sonic Dash

I downloaded Sonic Dash to my iPad a little while ago for the purpose of this review. Now before I have enven sat down to play it, I know it's a damn decent game just due to the fact it's currently the game of choice for my two kids whenever they get a chance to get their hands on my iPad.

I've had a chance now to give it a whirl, and they are right - it's a great game, and one of the better endless runners out there.

The game is free to download, but there are in-app purchases you can use real money to purchases rings or just exchange the ones you have collected in the game.

It's an endless runner - so basically you just need to run as far as you can, and attain the highest possible score while collecting as many rings as you can along the way. You can then utilise the rings for power-ups, upgrades and characters in the store.

There are ads in the game now and again, usually between games, there is also sometimes an option to view an ad in exchange for rings or a free revive.

The difficulty level of the game is very well balanced. The game does not start off too slow, nor does it get stupidly difficult, what it does require is lots of practice as you get used to the patterns of enemies. While the enemies are generated pretty randomly sometimes you can a lot in quick succession, once you have mastered maneuvering through them you'll soon be flying through the levels.

This is a high quality game, and will get your attention if you like Sonic or endless runners so should have a better than usual shelf life in comparison to other games in it's genre.

The graphics and animation are superb and as you would expect of a paid sonic title, the fact you can grab this game for free is amazing - Okay, there are in-app purchases, but these are optional and are not essential the enjoy the game.

In conclusion this game is well worth a download, it's free, high quality, from a trusted publisher and the ads are not in your face or distracting enough to stop you enjoying the game. In-app purchases are optional and do not stop you enjoying the game if you don't physically do not purchases anything with real money.
5.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | May 20th 2014

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